Thursday, 5 January 2012


A recent blog post from a friend of mine (Sammie) got me thinking about how music plays such a large role in my life. Since I can remember music has always been something that resonates with me and what I am feeling at any particular time. I think I spend something like 70 to 80 percent of my waking time with music playing in one form or another. God knows there are times at work where if I was unable to listen to music I would probably lobotomize myself with a spoon or whatever other kitchen utensil was handy.

Then there are the times over the years where my life has happened to suck beyond the telling for whatever reason. During these times music has always been either a source of comfort or something that has allowed me to process whatever I've been feeling at the time. To this day there are scores of songs that when I listen to them, I am thrown back into whatever strong emotions or memories that are associated with that song or album. This is such a fundamental part of  how I relate to music that I don't think it will ever fade away. I would never want it to fade away.

Whether I'm sad or angry or happy or just plain bored, music has always enriched my life. So to end this post I would like to provide a link to a song which has a special place in my heart, being one that I listened to frequently before and after the death of my Grandmother.

The song is called Into Eternity by Thousand Needles In Red.


  1. @Sammie: Yeah it really is! Clint Boge wrote it after the death of his father.